Garcia makes Homewood Patriot Guard History


Matt Davis

Christian Garcia performing with the Homewood Patriot Guard

Ruby Raines

Christian Garcia is making Homewood Patriot Guard history as he becomes not only the first male color guard member but the first male captain. Like many of Homewood’s students, Garcia, a senior, was not expecting it himself.  

Garcia said other members of the guard were surprised he was chosen as a captain because of his lack of experience, however, he is eager to prove that he is a capable leader and won the role based on merit, not on gender.

“[Captain] is not about how well you can spin, but about how well you can lead,” Garcia said.

Garcia wants to use this representation for good and to help recruit guys for the color guard. Every year the Patriot Guard performs for the girls’ P.E. classes at Homewood Middle School. Garcia believes that without performing for the boys’ classes as well, there will be few who join. However, he has one concern about how he represents males that are interested in the color guard.

 “I don’t want to set the precedent that all colorguard boys are gay,” Garcia said.

Terrance Cobb, the Patriot Guard instructor, believes this type of representation is important in the high school band.

“It is our responsibility as an extension of the band, to represent the values of our school system and the legacy of the Homewood Patriot Band,” Cobb said. “We must continue to strive for excellence, but also be visible in the community to help recruit future Patriot Guard members.” 

Garcia has been participating in color guard for the past two years and was previously a clarinet player for the band. His passion for band is evident through the time he has dedicated to it. 

In addition to Homewood Patriot Guard, Garcia is president of the Environmental Club and Musicians Club, is active in numerous other extracurricular groups, and studies Mandarin Chinese. In order to remain devoted to the colorguard, he has surrounded himself with friends who can support his goals and help cover for him when his captain duties pull him away from other events.

This year will be an exciting year for Christian and his fellow guard members as the band takes on Universal Studio’s Holiday Parade.