HHS parking lot project underway


Construction crews lay dirt as a foundation for an extension to Homewood High School’s north parking lot bordering Shade’s Creek. (Photo by Julian Kersh)

Mary Clare Ingram, Staff Writer

Construction teams broke ground on the HHS parking lot expansion project, which will add 156 total spots to the campus. Class sizes are increasing for the next few years, and parking is needed to accommodate these classes.

“It’s such a necessity to a community with student drivers,” said Dr. Justin Hefner, Homewood City Schools Superintendent.

Alongside the beginning of the second semester, the North parking lot is under construction by the gym, adding 47 new parking spaces. Hefner says they expect to finish in the next six weeks.

The North parking lot will connect to the parking lot in front of the school. It is currently unknown if this will impact the flow of carpools.

Hefner says they hope to begin the project’s next phase in March, adding 109 spaces to South parking and extending the blue and gray tiered parking lots. This project will add another entrance and exit to both tiers, improving traffic flow.

The South parking lot is expected to finish before school resumes in August.

Early stages of addition to the school’s north parking lot next to Shade’s Creek (Photo by Julian Kersh)

When both expansions are completed, there will be enough parking spaces for all driving juniors and seniors, as well as the possibility for some sophomores to have a parking spot. 

“We are maximizing everything that we can, safely from an environmental standpoint [and] efficiently from an environmental and cost standpoint,” said Hefner.

Hefner says they consulted biologist Sam Ford, who does work around Homewood and knows the city well. He says that they said that the project will have little to no impact on Shades Creek or the wetlands around the north side of the school.

“We committed to this space, and we just want to provide as adequate facilities and parking as we can,” Hefner said.