Patriot Perk brings coffee, joy to HHS


Sophomore Jackson Treadwell (center) tells passer-bys “Merry Christmas” as they grab a coffee from the Patriot Perk counter where Tori Nichols (left) and Tara Richardson (center left) cashier. Bryce Phan (center right) and Devin Davis (right) man the coffee add-ins. (Photo by Luke McLendon)

Luke McLendon, Editor

Patriot Perk looks like a regular coffee stand, but, what its customers gain, is far more than a cup of joe. The infectious positivity and kindness of its workers truly brighten one’s morning. Patriot Perk aims to provide customers with coffee and a smile and give job training to Homewood’s students with intellectual or developmental disabilities.

Proceeds from the coffee all go toward the students in life skills through transportation and transitioning activities to prepare them better for life after high school. “We wanted to create an opportunity for our students to learn employment skills and independence while interacting with peers,” life skills teacher Bailey Cofield said.

The environment of Patriot Perk is far different from any other coffee shop.

“Getting to interact with and seeing everyone who serves be so happy” is senior Maji Williams’ favorite part of getting coffee at the school on Friday mornings. This morning, sophomore Jackson Treadwell included a “Merry Christmas!” to all who walked by, a cherry on top of a pleasant coffee-grabbing experience.

Senior Devin Davis beams at customers adding sugar and creamer to their cup of coffee. (Photo by Luke McLendon)

Those who work the stand love the experience as much as those who purchase from them. Junior Molly Kreel said she was very excited when she learned her life skills class would start the stand and, after working it for multiple weeks, realized she would love to have a job serving coffee outside of school.

Patriot Perk serves hot coffee on every Friday morning. Stop by when school starts next semester to kick off your Fridays with a warm feeling from hot coffee and good vibes.