Culverhouse carries voice beyond state borders

Sadie Rowell

Alyssa Culverhouse performs solo in Homewood High School’s “Network” show choir routine. (Photo by Anna Kittenger)

Whether it’s onstage, in the choir room, or at a restaurant, junior Alyssa Culverhouse has a voice that you will never forget. 

A singer “since forever,” there is no doubt that her love for the craft stems from her upbringing. Both her mom and dad were in choirs during their childhood, which provided a supportive environment she believes was beneficial to her development as a singer and person.

Growing up, Culverhouse would often sing around the house for fun. She was also inspired by watching The Voice, America’s Got Talent, and other similar shows.

At eleven years old, Culverhouse began taking voice lessons to pursue her talent more seriously.

When seventh grade rolled around, she tried out for show choir at Homewood Middle School. Her standout talent secured her a spot on stage and a solo to open up the show. 

Her show choir career did not stop there. As a sophomore, Culverhouse made Network, the most prestigious show choir group at Homewood High. And, though making this group at such a young age is difficult, choir director Scott Thorne says it was an easy choice.

“She has a unique talent; her voice is just so outstanding,” Thorne said, adding that he knew instantly: her voice would have a prominent role in the show. Despite her age and inexperience with Network-level performance, Thorne allowed her to display her talent. In his eyes, “she did just that.”

According to Culverhouse, “The role was a lot to take on at first.” However, she was “very grateful for the opportunity given” and noted that the support of her peers boosted her confidence. 

This year, Culverhouse is a featured soloist in the girls’ number. Thorne describes this piece as having “a bluesy country feel” that will play well to Culverhouse’s strengths. He selected the song with her in mind.

“She has so much talent it would be crazy not to use it””

— Scott Thorne

“The thing I love most about Alyssa is that she is so humble,” Thorne says. This personality is advantageous when it comes to pursuing music. 

Alyssa Culverhouse excites the crowd with her voice at, “Tootsies”, in Nashville. (Photo by Amanda Vella)

Recently, Culverhouse has been traveling to Nashville on the weekends to sing at various venues. Though this opportunity is fun, it can be complex. 

To do this, her singing coach Steve Pennington must first make connections to people in Nashville that work in the music industry. 

Culverhouse will make the drive Saturday morning, then perform at various venues serving as auditions. If all goes well, these venues ask to meet again to plan more singing opportunities.

These trips are significant because they supply connections for future opportunities in the field of music. 

In the future, Culverhouse wants to take her talent as far as she can. Not only does she hope to pursue singing, but she is also thinking about acting. 

Though it takes thick skin to venture out into these industries, there is no doubt she has a shot. With the immense talent she wields, along with her vigorous effort, the path is a real possibility.