Warren: ‘authentic representation of Homewood’


Kayla Warren leads the drumline in a slow, dramatic march forward during the band’s halftime show’s drum solo. (Photo by Matt Davis)

Josie Robertson, Photo Editor

An all-star on the rise, Kayla Warren, is dribbling, drumming and now shot-stopping her way to the top. This spring season, she will step into the goal for the state champion Homewood girls varsity soccer team, having never played the sport competitively. 

This new endeavor is yet another leadership position she has taken up in her extracurricular activities. Warren is the captain of the girl’s varsity basketball team, stepping up to lead the Patriots as a senior-less team. Learning and playing the game since she was 7 years old, Warren has proven herself a utility to the team, playing many positions, including point guard and post. 

Warren has also been perfecting her percussion skills since the sixth grade.

“It was always my goal to be on the snare line,” Warren said, although she first thought it impossible; however, she planned out the work and achieved her goal as a sophomore and is one of the most skilled drummers on the line. She strongly encourages more girls to join the line, believing anyone can make it where they want to be through practice and determination.

Patriot Marching Band director Chris Cooper boasts “she is awesome at everything she does. She is a true representation of what a kid in Homewood can do.” 

Warren prides herself on ensuring she reaches her full potential on and off the field or court. “I have high expectations for myself,” she said. “I want to make sure I am prepared for real life.”

Warren is starting as this season’s varsity soccer goalie after never playing in high school. The last time she played the sport was third grade. 

Warren will begin her goalkeeper training closer to the season in the spring. “I have a lot to learn,” she said.

Homewood’s girl’s soccer won the state championship in 2022 and reached the final in 2021, so the team has massive expectations for this season.

“I know a lot of the girls on the soccer team, and they would always joke about me joining the team,” Warren said.

Senior Maddie Massie approached Warren with the offer this year after last year’s goalie, Katie Crim,  graduated. 

Warren dribbles the ball up the floor in a club game. (Photo by Matt Davis)

Warren’s coaches and teachers have noticed her various talents. They have told Warren about the possibility of a basketball or drumming scholarship. However, Warren just wants to focus on academics. “I just want to go to college for school,” she said.