A patriotic tribute through music


Director Chris Cooper conducts the Chamber Winds band (photo by Henry Sklar).

Helen Marlin

The sound of patriotic music filled the Homewood High School auditorium as the Chamber Winds Ensemble played for a gathering of parents and friends on the evening of Nov. 1. 

The students, an audition group of highly-skilled musicians from the Homewood Patriot Marching Band, performed a series of celebratory melodies, including “The Star Spangled Banner” and “O’er the Land of the Free.”

This inaugural concert served as a way to acknowledge the sacrifices of the men and women in our nation’s Armed Forces, including those in attendance. During the performance of “The United States Armed Forces,” each branch of the military was recognized, and those in attendance were asked to stand for recognition. 

The concert coincides with Veteran’s Day, so it was the perfect time to celebrate the contributions that veterans have made to our country. Band Director Chris Cooper remarked, “The patriotic feel of the concert really moved people in the audience and that was our intention.” 

First-chair bass clarinet Christian Garcia, a first year Chamber Winds musician, enjoyed performing with some of the best musicians in the band.

“The Patriotic Concert was very on theme for the Homewood Patriot Marching Band,” Garcia said.

Cooper said it was wonderful seeing so many parents and grandparents at the concert.  

I’m so proud of our students for a wonderful concert and starting a new tradition at Homewood,” he said. “Especially the ‘Battle Hymn’ at the end!” 

This meaningful concert will become a new tradition for the Homewood Patriot Band in the future.