Trick or (no) treat?


Halloween decorations adorn a local lawn (photo by Josie Robertson).

Josie Robertson, Photo Editor

Is it socially acceptable for high school students to trick or treat? Who knows. However, these six students do know what they are doing on October 31st. Here are their thoughts on trick or treating: 

“Trick or treating is fun, but only if you go to the good houses with the full-sized candy bars.” – Rebecca Clay, senior

“I will not be trick or treating. I will probably stay home and hang out with my friends.” – Savannah Jones, freshman

“I like it. You get candy.” – Henry Delk, freshman

“I think trick or treating is fun, but once you get a certain age it is not fun anymore.” – Marcus Davis, senior

“I personally enjoy trick or treating and will be dressing up as Welma from “The Flintstones.” – Mary Molloy Strickland, junior

“I think I am too old for trick or treating. People might think I am creepy, but I will probably dress up as a cute shark.” -Caroline Smith, junior

No matter their age, many students will be participating in Halloween festivities.