Students reflect on Hispanic Heritage Month through poetry


Hispanic Heritage Month display in the HHS library (photo by Marin Poleshek).

Marin Poleshek and Luke McLendon

Hispanic Heritage Month begins on Sept. 15, the anniversary of independence for many Latin American countries. “Día de la Raza” or “Day of the Race” rounds off the celebration, falling on the third Monday of October. 

This holiday honors the many people and cultures that were conquered by Europeans. As a whole, the month seeks to recognize Hispanic culture through festivals, art shows, conferences, community gatherings, and much more.

Birmingham is home to the annual ‘Fiesta,’ which offers food, culture, and music from over twenty Latin American countries. The festival observed its twentieth anniversary on September 24 of this year, underscoring its status as a time-honored tradition of Hispanic Heritage in Birmingham.

In celebration of this month, a few of Mrs. SaleCasalino’s students have written “I Am From” poems in honor of their culture and heritage. To recognize the experiences of these students, the Tricorne is highlighting two of such pieces.


by anonymous student


I am from my grandmother’s house with old stairs and squeaky doors 

I am from that TV that my grandma will always had on 

I am from my purple room that my mom made me help her paint  when I was 5 yrs.old 

I am from the white bookcase where I was supposed to be reading every evening 

From reading with my mom, so she could make sure that I was actually reading


I am from my aunt’s convenience store where I spend my days after school 

I am from those talks and math problems that my aunt made me solve

I am from those failed baking nights with my cousins and brother 

I am from my little cousins messy “restaurant”

I am from coffee nights and Netflix with my cousin after playing board games 


I am from movie days with my friend, that ended up in talks because we couldn’t decide what movie to watch 

I am from that old park that my friends and I use to go all nights to play basketball and have snacks 

I am from late runs with my aunts where I was always left behind 

I am from competitions with my cousin of who had the best picture of the sunset


I am from chocolate ice cream after having a hard day 

I am from churros with coffee every sunday morning 

I am from fries and my friends favorite drink after playing  


I am from “No corras, que te caeras” and “Ya sientante” from my mom because I couldn’t stay in one place

From “Apurate” when my mom asked me to help her, and she would end up frustrated because things weren’t done the way she wanted 

I am from those ways to asking for help with candies from my dad  



I Am From 

by anonymous student  

I am from the table of my house where we eat every night. I am from the soccer field that me and my friends used to play after school. I am from the house where I sleep every night. 

I am from watching soccer with my dad and my brother. 

I am from helping my mom wash the dishes and clean the house. I am from teaching my sister how to do the right things. 

I am from my bed where I used to wake up every morning to get to school. I am from going to practice to get better at soccer. 

I am from Mexico where I moved when I was 3 years old. I am from my house that my grandma lives in. 

I am from Veracruz where my mom was born. 

I am from where my dad was born and used to live. 

I am from my grandma’s house that recently passed away. I am from where me and my other Cousin used to go out to hangout. I am from where one time we broke a window and we had to run. I am from where every morning I didn’t want to get up because it was cold. I am from where I celebrated my last birthday before I left. 

I am from where me and my family live. 

I am from Veracruz. 

I am from Hidalgo. 

I am from Mexico.