Homewood Patriot Marching Band alumni night celebrates 50th anniversary


The Homewood Patriot Marching Band features a pop-up banner in their show last Friday night that honors the band’s 50th anniversary.

Luke McLendon, Editor

Pride, Perfection, Professionalism, Tradition.

Hundreds of Alumni are returning to Homewood to play with the marching band and relive these long-held values for the band’s 50th anniversary.

In addition to the 400 current band members and 45 auxiliaries, 192 alumni will take the field this Friday before the game and watch the halftime show with joy and nostalgia. These alumni consist of 91 Star Spangles Girls, 31 color guards, 21 drummers, and 49 other instrumentalists.

Band director Chris Cooper will tell you that these alumni could not be more excited to march with their alma mater and continue the traditional nature of Homewood’s band. 

One of the many key elements that make the band special is its diverse nature, pulling kids from all different backgrounds and interests to do something. “We attract every type of kid into our band. This doesn’t happen in 99% of schools in America,” Cooper said. “In other schools, you’ll have your jocks, your nerds, your band kids, but in Homewood, you can do it all.”

Cooper’s office wall features photos of Homewood marching in several world-famous parades. (Photo by Luke McLendon)

Another key aspect of the HMPB is its traditional, old-school style that has been held for half a century. Despite most high schools gravitating toward a more story-telling, artistic approach to marching band, Homewood has no plans to change.

The band’s tradition is beloved by all that have gone through it, not to mention the overwhelming support from the crowd. “We’re playing for kids and their parents,” Cooper said. “We want to entertain our Homewood City fans like we always have.”

Band senior night also falls on Friday, the 23rd, making it a special night for hundreds of parents and even more special for the Alumni getting to watch the newest class of seniors walk down the track as they did years or even decades ago.

Regardless of the final score of the football game, Friday night will be incredibly special for the band and the thousands of people involved, from performers to parents, as they celebrate 50 years of beloved Homewood tradition.